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We Love Playing Matchmaker

There are two elements that successfully connect an online consumer to a brand. Those two things are “Interest” and “Media.” Understanding that principle, Interest Media has planted their flag as one of the absolute industry leaders in the field of intent-based, data-driven customer acquisition.

Built with audience experience as its main priority, our company maintains a network of websites catering to a dedicated audience of over 100 million loyal subscribers, who come back every day to engage with the content that they love most.

Working with the industry’s top brands, Interest Media utilizes proprietary, first-party data to specifically target consumers that align precisely with the advertiser’s ideal consumer profile. Delivering these perfectly matched, and ready-to-act consumers, to brands is what enables Interest Media to deliver results that others simply can’t.


We introduce valuable audiences to the brands they love.


We introduce valuable audiences to the brands they love.

I Mean,

We Would Date Us

Interest Media is proud to offer team members a company environment that promises an absolute zero politics culture, along with a stellar path for personal and career growth, which makes Interest Media such an incredible place to call home.

A Job So Good, You’ll Want it to Meet Your Parents

All of us here at Interest Media are proud of the company we’ve built, as well as the family we’ve have become. We like to tell people that we have the very best work perks in Kansas City – And we mean it!

It’s important to us that all of our employees are not only happy at work, but also maintaining a healthy work life balance as well. Check out just some of the amazing perks we offer to everyone that works and plays with us here at Interest Media.

Hey, come here. If you’ve read down this far, it means you care. You care about the quality of your workplace, as well as the quality of your coworkers. And very likely, it’s a strong indicator that you might be the exact kind of person we’re looking for. So shoot us a message. Tell us what you’re all about. We might be a good fit for you.

What 100% of Our Employees Say

  • I am able to take time off from work when I think it’s necessary
  • I feel I make a difference here
  • When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride
  • I can be myself around here
  • People celebrate special events around here

Data from Great Place to Work Certification

Work From Home

Like working from home? Well, that’s good, because Interest Media is proud to be a 100% work from home organization. We provide everything, including laptop, monitors, some Uber Eats, and even your internet! Allowing you to focus on being the work from home rockstar you are.

Health Care Covered

Interest Media offers some of the best health care coverage in Kansas City. The company pays for 100% of your health insurance, including eye care, maternity leave and dental. Our employee’s health is important to us, and our benefits package proves it.

Bonus Motivation

Interest Media wants to make sure that when the company does well, you do too. That’s why Interest Media offers an aggressive bonus plan that rewards team members at the end of each quarter for hitting their personal goals, keeping everyone mighty and motivated!

Higher Learning

We encourage our team members to always be on a path to improving themselves. Interest Media happily sends their employees to classes, to earn certifications, or to industry conferences, you name it. Your improvement is our improvement.

What Dress Code?

Jean shorts, Van Halen t-shirt, flip-flops? No problem. Interest Media wants you to be comfortable, laid back, feelin’ groovy with your head in the game. And it’s kinda hard to do that in f’n Dockers, right?

Company Outings

For real now. We take this shit super serious. We love taking the team out! Out for drinks, out for bowling, or even out to see our favorite KC sports teams! We pay for everything. Just kick back, stay safe by using the company Uber account, and have a great time!

Not to brag but,

We've Been Told We're Awesome

Interest Media has been singled out for awards based on the company, the values, and the immense talent of the employees.

You’ll be Smitten With Our Leadership

Interest Media’s leadership team is a powerful group of unstoppable internet veterans who possess both the industry experience and the tolerance to alcohol that has propelled the company to where it is today. Heck, our Chief Marketing Officer alone is more handsome and brilliant than most other companys’ entire executive teams put together!

There’s No Place Like Home

When we’re not working from home (which we all are), we’re having fun in Kansas City, a city that offers the very best slice of American life you could hope for. Known for BBQ, blues, museums and sports, our town has it all. Named “The Best City in the World” by CNBC, Kansas City is where Interest Media is proud to call home.

What’s Your Superpower?

Interest Media is always hiring superheroes! Please reach out to us to learn about our open positions. Who knows? If you enjoy working with awesome people, creating new things and punching evil in the face, this might be the place for you!

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