How to Use QR Codes to Add Value to Your Customers’ Experience

  • Explore how QR codes can create entertaining and interactive experiences that draw in customers and build brand loyalty with personalized recommendations, programs, and rewards
  • Learn how QR codes are being used to add simple access to information, product details, and testimonials and simplify purchasing
  • Gain insights on how QR codes can serve as an economical marketing tool, create a mobile-friendly strategy, and create trackable campaigns

Why QR codes are suddenly all the rage

QR codes are suddenly turning up everywhere from the outside of product packaging to the forefront of television screens and all over the web as companies embrace the powerful ways QR codes help add customer value.

In this article, you’ll discover what QR codes are, 6 advantages they provide, 7 ways QR codes can add value to your customers’ experiences, and QR code best practices.

What is a QR code?

In short, a QR code is a type of barcode that can be read by a scanner, or a camera-equipped cell phone, iPod, or tablet. A QR code has a unique pixel pattern that holds digital information that can be decoded by devices able to read them.

QR code explained - Investopedia

QR Code Explained

You’ve undoubtedly seen this pixilated grid-like, square-shaped pattern on something. It looks like a mashed-up mix of a barcode and a maze.

QR codes, which stands for “quick report” codes, were invented in 1994, but largely ignored for the most part until recent years. Now, they’re all the rage as mobile devices have made it easy to scan them.

6 Advantages QR Codes Provide and WHY You Should Be Using Them

Here are six of the many advantages QR codes can provide for your marketing and sales efforts, as well as the overall experience for your customers.

1. Simple information access

Customers can quickly and easily access information about your goods or services by scanning QR codes. Customers can access landing pages, product information, limited-time offers, or other pertinent content by scanning a QR code. The customer journey can be streamlined and made simpler for them to interact with your brand thanks to this immediate access to information.

2. A rise in engagement

QR codes can boost customer involvement. For instance, by connecting QR codes to videos, tests, questionnaires, or competitions, you can produce interactive experiences. You can make the experience more enjoyable and entice users to interact with your brand more frequently by incorporating gamification elements.

It’s been predicted that 99.5 million people in the U.S. will use QR codes by 2025 – Forbes

3. Trackable campaigns

You can easily track QR codes, which enables you to collect insightful information on consumer behavior and campaign effectiveness. By including QR codes in your marketing materials, you can track conversions as well as track how often people scan them and from where or through what channels they do so. You can use this information to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns and to guide your decision-making for upcoming projects.

4. A mobile-friendly strategy

Given the rising popularity of smartphones, QR codes were created with portability in mind. Customers can access content or carry out tasks directly from their mobile devices with just a quick scan. With this mobile-friendly strategy, social media campaigns, mobile apps, and mobile websites can all be seamlessly integrated.

5. Bridging offline and online marketing efforts

QR codes can connect offline and online marketing initiatives. Examples of places where QR codes can be used include print advertisements, product packaging, in-store displays, and even promotional items. By doing this, you can link the real world to digital content and make it easy for customers to interact with your company online.

6. Economical marketing tool

Because they are easy to create and use, QR codes are an economical marketing tool. The use of QR codes in marketing materials is frequently simple, and you can create them for free using a variety of online QR code generators. QR codes can be an affordable addition to your marketing toolkit, regardless of how big or small your company is.

Key takeaway

Keep in mind while QR codes can be useful marketing tools, it’s crucial to use them strategically and offer compelling content to encourage user engagement.

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7 Ways to Use Qr Codes to Add Value to Your Customers’ Experience

Each of these uses for QR codes exemplifies how they can improve the customer experience by adding value, convenience, personalization, or entertainment. You can develop deeper connections with your customers, strengthen brand associations, and ultimately promote business growth by taking advantage of these possibilities. That’s what intent-based marketing is all about.

Here are seven ways in which you can leverage the power of QR codes.

1. Access to exclusive content or promotions:

Customers can gain access to exclusive content or promotions that are not easily accessible to the general public by scanning QR codes. Customers can access exclusive deals, discounts, or time-limited promotions by scanning a QR code, giving them a feeling of exclusivity and encouraging them to interact with your brand. This leads to more authenticity for your brand, creating meaningful connections with customers.

2. Product details and testimonials

Customers can receive thorough product details, testimonials, or specifications by using QR codes. Customers can access thorough information about a product, including its features, benefits, usage guidelines, and even testimonials, by scanning a QR code on a product package or display. This makes shopping for products easier for customers and improves their overall experience.

3. Interactive experiences

Customers can be entertained and engaged by interactive experiences made possible by QR codes. You could connect QR codes to virtual tours, games, videos, or augmented reality (AR) experiences. These interactive features not only draw customers in but also enhance their enjoyment and memory of the experience, strengthening their bond with your brand.

QR code in an ad by Burger King at the VMAs - Neil Patel

QR code in an ad by Burger King at the VMAs

4. Simplified purchasing process

By allowing users to complete transactions quickly and easily, QR codes can simplify the purchasing process. For instance, QR codes on menus or tables can be used by cafes and restaurants to enable customers to scan them with their smartphones and place orders immediately. This increases convenience and enhances the overall customer experience by doing away with the need for physical menus or waiting for service.

5. Loyalty programs and rewards

By facilitating loyalty programs and reward structures, QR codes can motivate customers to interact with your brand regularly. Customers can gain loyalty points, unlock rewards, or take part in referral programs by scanning a QR code. This enhances the customer experience, fosters loyalty, and encourages additional interactions with your brand in the future. Using intent-based marketing, these programs and rewards can be targeted to buyers at different stages of the sales funnel.

6. Personalized recommendations

Depending on the preferences and actions of the customer, personalized recommendations can be provided by QR codes. Customers can access personalized offers, curated content, and product recommendations by scanning QR codes. By providing pertinent and targeted information, this personalization enhances value by raising conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This can greatly enhance the efforts of your intent-based marketing. The use of AI can also help with personalization.

7. Social media interaction

One place the adoption of QR codes is steadily increasing is on social media. QR codes help you unleash the full power of social media for your brand. By connecting to social media profiles, pages, or campaigns, QR codes can increase social media interaction. Customers can quickly follow, like, or share content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by scanning QR codes. As a result, your company’s social media presence is increased, user-generated content is encouraged, and a sense of community among your customers is fostered.

Quick Way to Enhance Your Marketing

Consider the following best practices to make the most of QR codes in your marketing strategy:

  • Make sure the content or landing page behind the QR code is mobile-friendly.
  • Clearly state how to scan the QR code and what to expect from users after doing so.
  • Enhance the customer’s experience by using QR codes to provide exclusive content, savings, or rewards.
  • Before launching, test your QR codes on multiple devices and operating systems to make sure they can be scanned and lead users to the correct content.
  • Keep track of and evaluate the information obtained from QR code scans to improve your marketing tactics.

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