Interest Media Wins 2023 Best Media Website Award

We are extremely honored to have received the 2023 Web Award for the Best Media Website. A great deal of work went into the design and construction of the Interest Media website, so it is very exciting to see our marketing team’s hard work and dedication publicly recognized. This is Interest Media’s second award from the Web Marketing Association.

Interest Media is a dynamic, up-and-coming company that specializes in intent-based strategies and is experiencing rapid growth. Ensuring that their website captures the essence of their vibrant culture was of paramount importance. Taking inspiration from the concept of a dating site and weaving in the idea of “playing matchmaker,” the website was designed not only to showcase the company’s services but also to vividly convey the enjoyable and lighthearted spirit that defines the company.

About the Web Marketing Association

Established in 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s primary mission is to establish and maintain a benchmark of excellence in the realm of Internet marketing and the creation of top-tier websites on the World Wide Web. Comprised of dedicated volunteers, this organization brings together experts in Internet marketing, online advertising, public relations, and leading web design professionals, all driven by a common goal of enhancing the standards and quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.

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